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    Mr. Eldridge Booysen

    Bridgton HUB

    Head Coach
    Mr. Elridge Booysen
    071 105 4215

    Mr. Angus Roelfse

    Rosemoor HUB

    Head Coach
    Mr. Angus Roelfse
    078 881 7784 (CELL)

    Mr. Ranwill Claassen

    D’Almeida HUB

    Head Coach
    Mr. Ranwill Claassen
    060 998 9161 (CELL)

    Mr. Lastword Tapfumaneyi

    Thembalethu HUB

    Head Coach
    Mr. Lastword Tapfumaneyi
    060 998 9164 (CELL)

  • Background

    Cricket South Africa initiated the RPC (Regional Performance Centre) and Hub Program over five years ago across the country, with one RPC (Bridgton) and three Hubs (Thembalethu, Rosemoore and D’Almeida) being awarded to SWD. The RPC’s and Hubs were awarded to affiliates based on certain criteria including but not limited to the number of feeder schools ad minimum facilities.

    The RPC’s and Hubs are based in disadvantaged communities and serve the purpose of giving access to young cricketers from these communities, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to play the game. This speaks directly to the first of Cricket South Africa’s two key elements their vision: “To ensure that cricket is supported by the majority of South Africans, and available to all who wants to play it.”

    Each RPC and Hub is monitored closely by SWD Cricket and Cricket South Africa to ensure certain targets are met every year. This is done through the incentive scorecard and measures aspects such number of fixtures played, win loss ratios, players selected to representative team, coach qualifications and budget management. Every hub team plays in one of the SWD Youth leagues as well as taking part in many friendly fixtures in to attempt to give the players more than 20 full games in a year.

    Specialist bowling camp
    RPC and Hub bowlers taking part in the specialist bowling camps where they are monitored and screened with video analysis and various other tools to develop their skills

    Once the RPC’s and Hubs were awarded to SWD Cricket, based on there being an existing program, an HR process was followed whereby qualifies coaches were appointed to each program and this included, a Head Coach and two assistant coaches to each RPC and Hub. Investment was made by Cricket South Africa to improve or build facilities for the players and coaches, whilst some funding was received for equipment and a certain amount of travel expenses, in order to play fixtures and allow these young boys and girls the opportunity to compete against schools and other players of their age groups across the region. There is a limited amount of funding received annually by Cricket South Africa, managed by SWD Cricket.

    Ex Proteas Assistant Coach and current Hampshire CC Head Coach Adrian Birrell, working with D’Almeida Hub and SWD Provincial player Jhedli Van Briesies at a specialist camp

    Taking a step back and looking at the program holistically, it is designed to imitate what would happen at a traditional cricket school where players are exposed to qualified coaches and structured coaching, given access to equipment and playable facilities and then be able to play in various school and other cricket leagues. This gives these players the opportunity to be included in the Cricket South Africa’s Player Performance Program and also become eligible for selection to various representative teams including the SWD Youth Teams selected from all school learners in the age groups of U11, U13, U15, U17 and boys and girls U19 teams. These teams take part in the annual CSA National Weeks in December.

    SWD proactively took a bold step in driving this process having identified the risk that there are very few ‘traditional’ cricket schools in the area who compete with the top schools around the country. The drive to produce players from previously disadvantaged groups also led to a proactive approach and resources, time and expertise have been invested into these players, coaches, facilities and programs over the years.


    RPC and Hub coaches have been given extra attention through the SWD Coaching Department over the past few years, with a view to fast tracking their development as coaches through the system. All coaches began at the CSA Level 1 stage and have progressed to Level 2, with the RPC head coach completing his Level 3 accreditation in 2019 and 2 other coaches currently on the CSA Level 3 course. This is by invitation only following a nomination process. In 2018 Elridge Booysen, the Bridgton RPC Coach was awarded the Pitch Vision Coach of the Year Award and earned a place in with the other Coaching Award winners to the USA, where they attended the International Leadership Summit.

    Coach Acceleration Camp
    All RPC and Hub coaches attending the annual Coach Acceleration Camp for RPC and Hub coaches. Various aspects of coaching are focussed on and here former SWD Head Coach Baakier Abrahams runs through coaching batting specific skills

    Bridgton RPC is Oudtshoorn based and has the following feeder schools that are part of the program:

    High Schools Primary Schools
    Bridgton Secondary School Bergsig Primary School
    Môrester Secondary School Colridge Primary School
    Fezekile Secondary School Sacred Heart Primary School
    Auriel College DeVilliers Primary School
    Protea High School Saturnus Primary School
    Bongolethu Primary School

    Coaches at Bridgton RPC
    Elridge Booysen
    Merlin Masimela
    Anver Venter

    Pitch roller deleivered to Thembalethu Hub
    Cricket South Africa via Kemech JCB recently delivered a pitch roller to the Thembalethu Hub in George as part of a national sponsorship for Regional Performance Centres and Hubs in South Africa.

    Thembalethu Hub based in Thembalethu and has 9 feeder schools:

    High Schools Primary Schools
    Imizamo Yethu School Tyholora Primary School
    Thembalethu High School MM Mateza Primary School
    Jonga High School Thembalethu Primary School
    Pacaltsdorp Secondary Mzoxolo Primary School
    Parkdene Primary School

    Coaches at Bridgton RPC
    Lastword Tapfumaneyi
    Joseph Sonti
    Mihlali Gcanga

    D’Almeida Hub based at Sao Bra High School in Mossel Bay and has 8 feeder schools:

    High Schools Primary Schools
    Hillcrest Secondary School Diaz Primary School
    Sao Bras High School Erika Primary School
    Garden Route Primary School
    All Saints Primary School
    Ridgeview Primary School
    St. Blaize Primary School

    Coaches at D’Almeida Hub:
    Ranwill Claassen
    Devin Muller
    Godwin Plaatjies

    Black African Specialist Training Camp
    Players attending a Black African Specialist Training Camp

    Rosemore Hub based at St Pauls Primary School in George and has 7 feeder schools:

    High Schools Primary Schools
    Parkdene High School St Pauls Primary School
    George High School St Marys Primary School
    Parkdene High School Rosemore Primary School
    Conville Primary School

    Coaches at Rosemore Hub:
    Angus Roelfse
    Bianca Figeland
    Sydwill Williams

    Each HUB and RPC has 4 Boys teams (u11, u13, u15, u17, u18) as well as 3 Girls teams (u13, u16 and u18) that currently play in the SWD League.

    The RPC/HUBS strive to play 30 matches per age group which is a total of 840 matches for the program.

    Successes and Representation

    Since their inception, the RPC and Hubs have consistently produced players for the SWD Youth Teams and over the past three years have seen more than 50% of players selected, coming ffrom our RPC and Hubs. This is the highest percentage across the country and the coaches are to be congratulated for the work put in on the ground, week in week out.

    Tyrece Karelse
    Tyrece Karelse who represented the SA U/19-team in 2020

    Looking backwards, players who have been selected for representative teams and have also gone onto coaching include:

    • Tyrese Karelse (current SA U19 World Cup Player, SWD Provincial Squad)
    • Mthobeli Bangindawo (SWD U19, SW Academy, SWD Provincial Squad)
    • Jhedli van Briesies (SWD U13, 15, 17, 19, Cobras Cubs, Cobras Academy, SWD Provincial Squad)
    • Mesuli Vuba (SWD U17, 19 (captain), Cobras Cubs, Cobras Academy, SWD Provincial Squad)
    • Unathi Mbathane (SWD U17, 19 and Fort Hare Academy)
    • Sintu Majiza (SWD U17 and Fort Hare Academy)
    • Mihlali Gcanga (SWD U19, SWD Rural XI, SWD Focus School Coach)
    • Ayabonga Kitshini (SWD U15, 17, 19 and SWD Academy, Thembalethu Hub Assistant Coach)
    • Kamvalethu Feni (SWD U/15, 17, CSA U16 Tap Camp)
    • Siyabonga Mbathane (SWD U15, 17, 19)
    • Jean Bruiners (SWD U13, 15, 17, 19)
    • Ayabonga Anthony (SWD U17, 19)
    • Xavier Tekana (SWD U17, 19)
    • Tyrique Wessels (SWD U19, SWD Academy)
    • Reagan Rhoode (SWD U15, 19)
    • Mornwal Esau (SWD U19)
    • Yamkela Xakani (SWD U19)
    • Anoxolo Kitshini (SWD u13, 15, 17 - captain)
    • Sonwabiso Miso (SWD U17)
    • Geon Burns (SWD U17)
    • Mihle Dingiswayo (SWD U15, 17,)
    • Lleyton Avontuur (SWD U13, 15, 17, 19)
    • Ayabonga Ngondo (SWD U13, 15, 17, 19)
    • Breyton Plaatjies(SWD 17)
    • Chumani Manqwenqwe(SWD U15, 17)
    • Lee Scheepers(SWD U15)
    • Joviano Tock (SWD U15, 17, 19)
    • Thabo Djwili (SWD U15, 17, CSA TAP U16 Camp)
    • Dristna Arends(SWD U13, 15)
    • Liyabona Malifa (SWD U13, 15, 17)
    • Jesse Adams (SWD U15, 17 – vice capt)
    • Anele Siyo (SWD U13 – capt), 15- vice capt)
    • Ravel-Lee Kemmies (SWD U13, 15, 17)
    • Rowan Lewien (SWD U13, 15)
    • Thruston Murphy (SWD U13, 15)
    • Antonio Bruiners (SWD U13, 15)
    • Enzo Jaftha (SWD U13, 15, 17)
    • Simamkele Ndukwane (SWD U13, 15)
    • Lindokhule Sizani (SWD U15)
    • Ziano Lewis (SWD U15)
    • Raymondo Sauer (SWD U15)
    • Sibabalwe Msi (SWD U15)
    • Davino Koert (SWD U13)
    • Enathi Kitshini(SWD U13)
    • Josh Karelse (SWD U13)
    • Cameron Avontuur (SWD U13)
    • Sherwin Plaatjies (SWD U13)
    • Juvandre Alexander (SWD U13)
    • Igcobe Kitshini (SWD U13)
    • Lithemba Lucas (SWD U13)
    • Michaela Andrews (SWD Girls U19, SWD Womens)
    • Mbali Ndukwana (SWD Girls U19, SWD Womens)
    • Zoe Meyer (SWD Girls U19)
    • Sange Somatambe (SWD Girls U19)
    • Chani Damons (SWD Girls U19)
    • Vuyiseka Bonga (SWD Girls U19)
    • Sphamandla Sampoe (SWD Girls U19)
    • Cheyenne De Villiers (SWD Girls U19)
    • Gavoney Jansen (SWD Girls U19)
    • Meche Jacobs (SWD Girls U19)
    • Pamela Kumalo (SWD Girls U19)
    • Zimkitha Khona (SWD Girls U19)

    Many of the players above have been selected and attended Cobras regional camps, specialist training camps as well as being selected to represent the Hubs under the RPC in the National RPC U17 Week. In 2019 Geon Burns captained this selected team.

    Bridgton RPC being awarded the Pitchvision RPC Coach of the Year Award
    A proud moment for SWD Cricket and the Bridgton RPC! Head Coach Elridge Booysen flanked by CEO Albertus Kennedy, Honorary Life President Simon Swigelaar, SWD President Rudi Claassen and Cricket Services Manager Jonathan Beukes after being awarded the Pitchvision RPC Coach of the Year Award.

    The Future

    As can be seen from the list of players who have been selected above, the program is a successful one, but one that can be dramatically improved with further investment into the existing structure. The latest players to begin to come through the ranks of the RPC and Hubs are the girl’s cricketers with 10 of the 15 SWD Girls U19 squad coming from the RPC or Hubs.

    An U10 hardball program has been started to introduce hardball cricket via the RPC and Hubs to the feeder primary schools in their areas to capture the players lost from the transition phase of mini cricket to hardball. A lot of potential cricketers are lost at this stage, simply due to lack of access and this program is something that with investment will produce further results down the line.

    Access to quality facilities remains a challenge for the Hubs and RPC because of the growing numbers in the program. Facilities include items such as rollers for pitches and covers for turf wickets. Equipment and team clothing are another challenge for the hubs with equipment being used Monday to Saturday through the summer and then Monday to Friday in the off season as well as every second Saturday.

    Mesuli Vuba
    SWD Khaya Majola U19 Week Captain and Thembalethu Hub player, Mesuli Vuba, in full flow for the SWD U19’s

    With distance between towns, schools and other hubs vast in the SWD region, transport always remains a problem. These are areas that SWD is investigating to partner with local business and other entities to continue to change the lives of these young boys and girls.

    It is SWD Cricket’s vision to expand the number of Hubs into other towns, beginning with Knysna to enhance the footprint of this program and bring access to the un-tapped talent in these areas.


    KFC Mini Cricket Logo


    Mini Cricket was launched in South Africa during the 1982-83 cricket season to encourage the growth and development of cricket amongst boys under 9 and girls up to under 13 years of age. Mini Cricket gives all young children the opportunity of being exposed to the game of cricket.

    The concept of Mini Cricket, which has the roots in the softball cricket played in the West Indies, has been received with tremendous enthusiasm by schools, teachers, parents and most importantly, by children.

    The keywords in Mini Cricket are participation and enjoyment. It provides a medium where children can be coached while taking part in a modified game of cricket.

    In its basic form, Mini Cricket consists of fast, scaled down games with eight children per team. Games last approximately one hour and one coach can supervise and instruct up to sixteen children simultaneously.

    Among the many advantages of Mini Cricket is the low cost involved. The game can be played on any reasonable level surface and no pitch preparation or maintenance is involved. Mini Cricket eliminates boredom and distraction often encountered at net practice among young children and the use of specially formulated softball eliminates the fear of facing a hard ball and does away with the need for protective equipment such as pads and gloves.


    The rules of Mini Cricket ensure that every child taking part will bat, bowl, keep wicket and field during the course of the match. This prevents the domination of matches by better players and gives everyone an equal opportunity.

    Games of Mini Cricket should be flexible, provide fun, activity and excitement, and should be based on the development of basic skills in batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping and also athletic development of child in a simple form.

    The major aim of Mini Cricket is to provide a game of cricket in its simplest form to young children and at the same time provide enjoyment.

    • To lay the foundation of a lifelong interest in cricket
    • To prevent better players from domination
    • To give all children, irrespective of ability, an equal opportunity
    • To provide physical exercise in an enjoyable form
    • To develop self-confidence
    • To develop ball skills, which would be useful in other sports


    The main function of the Mini Cricket coach is:

    • To see that the fun and entertainment aspect is maintained at all times
    • Minimize talk, maximize action
    • Minimize criticism, maximize praise and encouragement
    • Always keep discipline, organization, safety, and correct handling of equipment in mind at all different Mini Cricket sessions
    • Do not over-coach – teach one aspect at a time
    • Encourage parent involvement
    • Be enthusiastic so as to encourage youngsters to follow
    • Be on the lookout for talented youngsters
    • Give kids wings to fly and roots to grow

    Coaching programs are run continuously throughout the season by a team of coaches representing the Union. All four of them are past/present players, playing for clubs and senior teams.

    To ensure that the basic rules of Mini Cricket are followed, these coaches had to forget (only temporarily!) about the following:

    • Bowler: run-up to deliver the ball, and
    • Batsman: that famous AB de Villiers-side-swipe&hellep;

    Coaching the coaches: Ensuring that the coaches concentrate on the “development”-part of cricket, rather than concentrating on the natural-born cricketer and his/her progress through the pipeline.

    Coaching the kids: Ensuring that the correct movements were drilled into them for bowling, batting, wicket-keeping and fielding positions. Correct movements ensures less/no injuries when they’re moving into the hardball-structure of cricket.


    In the 2014/15 Season, Cricket South Africa implemented the Activity-based Fund Scorecard. The main aim is to establish the level of delivery of each member affiliate in specific programs related to the Operation Model. It is to drive improvement in several areas and to provide Members with an opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for performance.

    The KFC Mini Cricket has established an average 87% percentile since its (ABF Scorecard) inception.

    Growth of the program has been part of the Scorecard to establish sustainability for the program, as well as ensure that kids (and coaches) continue having fun, while continuously developing cricketers and their skills:

    2016-17 213 4841 352
    2017-18 240* 7348 732
    2018-19 200** 9592 853
    2019-20 197*** 10845**** 709

    * In 2017/18 we introduced Grade R to the program, with about 37 new Pre-schools added to the database.
    ** In 2018/19 some primary schools were declared inactive. This was either due to no communication received from these schools for more than one season, or because they decided to focus on other sport codes at school level.
    *** In 2019/20 a few more schools were classified as inactive. These schools will be contacted again in future.
    **** Even though we’ve “lost” some schools active in the program, kids and coaches became more active across the board, with more age groups and intensive coaching clinics and exams for coaches.


    In a normal nine-month season, we host two major provincial events:
    1. Provincial Seminar
    This event is annually hosted in August. Close to 100 coaches are invited to spend the day listening to representatives of Cricket South Africa and KFC rolling out their objectives for the coming season, as well as successes reached nationally in the Mini Cricket program.

    KFC Mini Cricket Provincial Seminar

    2. Provincial Festival
    This event is annually hosted in November. 800 kids, 120 coaches and possibly a friendly giant...participates in this event, where kids showcase their prowess with bat and ball for members of Cricket South Africa and KFC.

    KFC Mini Cricket Provincial Festival


    Regional Programs


    Success & Growth


    Region Name Contact Number E-Mail Address
    Dysselsdorp Ms Glenda Stalmeester 073 547 1000
    George Vacant
    Hessequa Ms Lavona Cloete 076 252 2216
    Kannaland Ms Meryl Daniels 078 446 1672
    Knysna Ms Christelle September 072 418 1139
    Mossel Bay Mr Timino Carelse 083 779 0969
    Mr Will Trollip
    Oudtshoorn Ms Felicity Prins 074 341 6785
    Central Karoo Vacant
    Plettenberg Bay Ms Leana Trollip 072 294 4752


    Long Outstanding Service


    Genevieve Anthony
    Mini Cricket Coordinator
    South Western Districts Cricket – NPC
    Cell phone: 066 0295043
    Facsimile: 086 2474014

Sunfoil Provincial 3 Day Competition
15-17 October 2015vsNamibia (Windhoek)
22-24 October 2015vsEastern Province (Oudtshoorn)
29-31 Oct 2015vsKwaZulu Natal (Durban)
5-7 November 2015vsNorth West (Oudtshoorn)
19-21 November 2015vsNortherns (Pretoria)
10-12 December 2015vsFree State (Oudtshoorn)
14-16 January 2016vsWestern Province (Cape Town)
21-23 January 2016vsBorder (Oudtshoorn)
11-13 February 2016vsGauteng (Oudtshoorn)
18-20 February 2016vsGriqualand West (Kimberley)
CSA Provincial 50 Over Competition
1 November 2015vsKwaZulu Natal (Durban)
8 November 2015vsNorth West (Oudtshoorn)
22 November 2015vsNortherns (Pretoria)
17 January 2016vsWestern Province (Cape Town)
24 January 2016vsBorder (Oudtshoorn)
21 February 2016vsGriqualand West (Kimberley)
CSA Provincial T20 Competition
18 October 2015vsNamibia (Windhoek)
25 October 2015vsEastern Province (Oudtshoorn)
13 December 2015vsFree State (Oudtshoorn)
14 February 2016vsGauteng (Oudtshoorn)
CSA Women's Provincial Competition
31 October 2015vsKei (Oudtshoorn)50 over
1 November 2015vsKei (Oudtshoorn)T20
7 November 2015vsEastern Province (Port Elizabeth)50 over
8 November 2015vsEastern Province (Port Elizabeth)T20
21 November 2015vsBorder (Oudtshoorn)50 over
22 November 2015vsBorder (Oudtshoorn)T20
15 February 2016vsGriquas (Kimberley)50 over
16 February 2016vsGriquas (Kimberley)T20
Other notable dates
10-14 December 2015U13 Boys Week (Johannesburg)
10-14 December 2015U15 Boys Week (East London)
11-15 December 2015U17 Boys Week (Pietermaritzburg)
11-15 December 2015U19 Girls Week (Durban)
16-20 December 2015U19 Coca Cola Khaya Majola Week (Port Elizabeth)

Sunfoil Series 2015/16

As at 25 January 2016

The Unlimited Titans5310118.620068.6
bizhub Highveld Lions5300216.0617063.06
VKB Knights5320012.2819061.28
Sunfoil Dolphins5120212.513040.5
Cape Cobras5120211.117038.1

Bonus points are awarded an the first 100 overs of each team's first innings as follows:
Batting: 1 point on reaching 150 and 0.02 points for each run thereafter
Bowling: 1 point for taking 3 wkts, 2 for 5 wkts, 3 for 7 wkts and 4 for 9 wkts.

Remaining matches
3-6 MarWarriors v Sunfoil DolphinsEast London
3-6 Marbizhub Highveld Lions v Cape CobrasPotchefstroom
3-6 MarThe Unlimited Titans v VKB KnightsCenturion
10-13 MarCape Cobras v WarriorsPaarl
10-13 MarSunfoil Dolphins v The Unlimited TitansDurban
10-13 Marbizhub Highveld Lions v VKB KnightsJohannesburg
18-21 MarSunfoil Dolphins v bizhub Highveld LionsPietermaritzburg
18-21 MarVKB Knights v Cape CobrasBloemfontein
18-21 MarWarriors v The Unlimited TitansPort Elizabeth
31 Mar - 3 AprCape Cobras v Sunfoil DolphinsCape Town
31 Mar - 3 AprVKB Knights v WarriorsKimberley
31 Mar - 3 AprThe Unlimited Titans v bizhub Highveld LionsCenturion
7-10 AprCape Cobras v The Unlimited TitansPaarl
7-10 AprWarriors v bizhub Highveld LionsPort Elizabeth
7-10 AprSunfoil Dolphins v VKB KnightsDurban

Supplied by Andrew Samson
Official Statistician of Cricket South Africa


Sunfoil Three-day Cup 2015/16

As at 22 February 2016

Pool APWLTiedDBatBowlPenaltyPts
North West9520226.76300106.76
Western Province8420232.24280100.24
South Western Districts10330425.5236091.52
Northern Cape715019.727046.7
Pool BPWLTiedDBatBowlPenaltyPts
Eastern Province9W20436.4831097.48
KwaZulu-Natal Inland7200526.5228074.52
Free State8230319.0827264.08

Note: Free State were penalised 2 points due to a slow over-rate in their match against Namibia

Bonus points are awarded on the first 100 overs of each team's first innings as follows:
Batting: 1 point on reaching 150 and 0.02 points for each run thereafter
Bowling: 1 point for taking 3 wkts, 2 for 5 wkts, 3 for 7 wkts and 4 for 9 wkts.

Remaining matches
Feb 25-27Eas v NC, Gau v FS, KI v Nam
Mar 3-5EP v WP, Eas v Nam, KI v Bdr
Mar 10-12Bdr v KZN, FS v Bol, NW v NC
Mar 18-20Bol v KI, Gau v Eas, NC v Nor, WP v KZN
Mar 31-Apr 3Final

Supplied by Andrew Samson
Official Statistician of Cricket South Africa


CSA One-day Challenge 2015/16

As at 22 February 2016

Pool APWLTiedNRBonusPenaltyPtsNet RR
South Western Districts6420010170.12
North West5311010160.48
Western Province5211120150.72
Northern Cape4310020140.69
Pool BPWLTiedNRBonusPenaltyPtsNet RR
Eastern Province6420030190.39
KwaZulu-Natal Inland422002010-0.17
Free State422001090.29
Remaining matches
Feb 28Gau v FS, KI v Nam
Mar 6Eas v Nam
Mar 13Bdr v KZN, FS v Bol, NW v NC
Mar 21Bol v KI, Gau v Eas, NC v Nor, WP v KZN
Apr 10Final

Supplied by Andrew Samson
Official Statistician of Cricket South Africa


CSA Provincial T20 Challenge 2015/16

As at 22 February 2016

TeamPWLTiedNRBonusPenaltyPtsNet RR
Free State4310030151.71
KwaZulu-Natal Inland3300020141.93
Western Province3300020141.56
Eastern Province3300000121.04
South Western Districts42200109-0.23
North West42200008-0.64
Northern Cape31200004-1.06
Remaining matches
Feb 28Eas v NC
Mar 6EP v WP, KI v Bdr

Supplied by Andrew Samson
Official Statistician of Cricket South Africa


RAM SLAM T20 Challenge 2015/16

As at 7 December 2015

TeamPWLTiedNRBonusPenaltyPtsNet RR
The Unlimited Titans10820030351.1
Sunfoil Dolphins1054010022-0.29
Cape Cobras1055000020-0.18
bizhub Highveld Lions1046001017-0.46
VKB Knights10370020140.29
Remaining matches
6 DecTitans v Knights
6 DecLions v Warriors
9 DecSemi-final
12 DecFinal

Supplied by Andrew Samson
Official Statistician of Cricket South Africa


Women's Provincial League 2015/16

As at 20 February 2016

Top 6PWLTiedNRBonusPenaltyPtsNet RR
North West4310010130.32
Western Province422001090.26
Free State40400000-1.72
Pool APWLTiedNRBonusPenaltyPtsNet RR
Eastern Province3300030155.06
South Western Districts4310030150.83
Northern Cape41300105-2.26
Pool BPWLTiedNRBonusPenaltyPtsNet RR
KwaZulu-Natal Inland30201002-2.92

Supplied by Andrew Samson
Official Statistician of Cricket South Africa


Women's Provincial T20 competition 2015/16

As at 20 February 2016

Top 6PWLTiedNRBonusPenaltyPtsNet RR
Western Province4310000120.25
North West41300004-0.10
Free State40301002-0.41
Pool APWLTiedNRBonusPenaltyPtsNet RR
Eastern Province3300030152.45
South Western Districts422002010-0.76
Northern Cape41300105-2.23
Pool BPWLTiedNRBonusPenaltyPtsNet RR
KwaZulu-Natal Inland31200105-0.28

Supplied by Andrew Samson
Official Statistician of Cricket South Africa


SWDCB Log Positions

As on 7 March 2016



PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostTiePoints
1Union Stars1814103371
2Pirates United1812303363
3Madibaz George1812123359
4Mossel Bay1811106655
5Western Hope1810017747
7Pacaltsdorp United18520111128


PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostTiePoints
PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostTiePoints
PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostTiePoints
1Ramblers 1211100057
3Kranshoek Cobras127005035
4New Dawn Park126204034
5Knysna Cavaliers124107021


PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostTiePoints
1Union Stars C1210101052
2Western Hope B128112042
3Harlequins B129003041
4Bongolethu B125205028
5Blanco B123117016
6Union Stars B122208013
7Thembalethu B121101007
PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostTiePoints
1Ramblers B149302051
2Sussex B1410004048
3George B148114041
4Pirates United B147304041
5Mossel Bay B147007034
6Pacaltdorp B135314031
7Hartenbos B1321010011
8Madibaz George B141111107

Women's Local League - Log Positions

As on 22 February 2016

PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostTiePoints
1Mossel Bay109001044
2Union Stars108101042
3Western Hope104204022

SWDCB Log Positions

As on 7 December 2015



PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostPoints
1Union Stars7700034
3Western Hope7401220
5Bongolethu 6201310
PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostPoints
1Mossel Bay7700034
PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostPoints
3Madibaz George6230115
6New Dawn Park410035
PositionTeamPlayedWonNo ResultDefaultLostPoints
1Pirates United6510026
2Kranshoek Cobra's6400219
6Knysna Cavaliers610234


Pool A1 vs Pool D2; Pool D1 vs Pool A2 (Winner vs Winner)
Pool B1 vs Pool C2; Pool C1 vs Pool B2 (Winner vs Winner)
Teams finishing top in their respective pools will have home ground advantage